About Paul

I moved to Irvine 18 years ago and have lived in the same house with my wife, Wendy and our three children, Larisa, Zach and Aniela. All three of our children attended Irvine public schools and Aniela is still a sophomore at Northwood High School. Prior to moving to California, I lived in the Midwest and on the East Coast. I grew up in Chicago and lived there until I went to college at Harvard. I graduated magna cum laude in Government form Harvard and then worked as a management consultant in Chicago. After a few years as a consultant, I went to law school and graduated magna cum laude from Indiana University School of Law. I have been a lawyer for 25 years, and have worked for a federal judge, various law firms, as well as three public corporations. I currently am the Vice-President and General Counsel for a division of Spectrum Brands, Inc, which owns Kwikset locks, Pfister faucets and several other consumer products.

Like many people, our family moved to Irvine largely for the schools and we found the schools not only provided an excellent education, but provided a bridge and connection to the community. Through our involvement at Brywood, Sierra Vista and Northwood High, we grew closer to the community. I wanted to contribute more directly to the school community and became the first dad to serve as Brywood PTA President. I went on to serve as a School Site council member and then a member and Chairman of the IUSD Finance Committee, in addition to continuing my PTA membership at Sierra Vista and Northwood High. I ran for the Irvine School Board in 2012 because I wanted to expand my contribution to the entire school district and hoped to use my broad experience to help Irvine provide a world class education to our students. I am very proud of the work the School Board and the District have done to continue providing excellent schools and serving Irvine kids. I remain committed to the idea that our schools are central to the community and am seeking re-election because I am passionate about continuing the work and helping our schools serve the needs of each and every student.

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